Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dear readers:

Here's something quite different we're releasing. I wrote a shifter comedy romance, and so, with Mom's blessings, published it under just my name. You'll find this story is PG, like our mysteries, and has quite a bit of humor.

Please enjoy! And have no fear, I'm co-writing more mysteries with Mom. Please see our latest mystery we just published last week, spotlighted in the previous blog post, A YEN FOR MURDER.


Maycee Fox is fed up with dating vain men! They'd rather study their reflections in spoons than spend quality time with her. Being stuck in a secret society of foxes who can shape shift into drop-dead gorgeous people isn't helping matters either, since they are the epitome of vain. She needs out. When her ex dares her to find love with an Average Joe, she's ready to sink her canines into the challenge, if only to teach him a lesson. But when she stumbles upon Adam Lanning, a humble yet sexy mechanic, it's Maycee who's in for a lesson or two about vanity and true love.


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